Friday, August 1, 2014

Goodbye July, Hello August

Is it just me or has this summer been extra long?  Maybe its because I'm taking two blocks of summer courses that are never ending (yup worst dcision I ever made).  
It's a new month therefore time for a new beginning especially since july hit me in th head pretty hard. 
So I thought I'd set myself a few simple goals.

My main goals for this month:

- Always stay positive
- Don't give up hope in any aspect of my life ( studies / friends/ blog etc)
- Get back to posting at least 1 post a week for the sake of my sanity.
- Smile, even if I'm sad or if there is no reason to
- Drink 2 bottles of water a day 
- Leave the house ! Breathe some fresh air ! Go for an aimless drive
- Don't procrastinate ( My biggest number one flaw )
- Always remind myself that everything is and will be OK.
- DYE MY HAIR - something that i have never done and never thought i'd do because of all the damage dying it does.
- Try at least ONE new thing that I haven't done before.

I think that every month should be a new start to every one of us and that you as well should have a mini goal list, even if it contains just one or two things and let me know what they are.
I just hope that I can stick to mine.

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