Saturday, May 25, 2013


Do i even need to say anything ? besides thank you you delicious fruit for being on this planet.

The best summer treat for the pool or the beach .. 

Whether it be raw like my picture, juiced or even as an ice lolly , this fruit is the best for refreshing and healing the body !

Did you know that the watermelon is 92% water? 

 Shocker i know ..

But just because it is mainly made up of water, don't underestimate it... Its powerful

How? Here's how :

- reduce asthma attacks
- helps relieve the symptoms of arthritis
- cleanses your kidney and bladder
- reduces the risk of clogged arteries (high cholesterol people)
-  eliminates constipation
- eliminates bloating ! ( a tip for that time of the month ladies )
- reduces the risk of heart attacks, strokes and colon cancer

Not done yet...

- relieves itchy skin
- reduces prostate cancer

And my personal favourite...

- reduces skin blemishes !
( just rub a small piece of watermelon on your skin and leave the juice for 10 minutes before rinsing) 

Yes... All of these AMAZING things by a fruit that is 92% water ... How extraordinary is that?!

So even if you dont like it .. Try to juice it and mix it with other fruits and veggies. Your body deserves to be looked after 

Hope this was informative ❤

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Mum's Birthday Update

So one of my friends who saw my blog asked me to write about what we actually ended up doing for my mum's birthday.  I was so excited by the request so i'm writing it now for everyone.

At 5pm we all left the house to go to a one hour boat ride, we took the sea side road to enjoy the view and to cruise alone the beach.  When we arrived the man was ridiculous ! A price for just an hour of sailing slowly across our tiny tiny bay area costs $87.55 per person and we were 8 people !

So my sister suggested another boat ride that was a couple of minutes away.  To our surprise she was right and a single ticket only costs $3.50, PERFECT.

As my dad was just about to pay, the teller gets a phone call from the coast guard saying no boats are allowed to leave the dock as there was a huge storm on its way.  The exact thing i was dreading  (bad weather).

Ofcourse i was disappointed but hey, everything happens for a reason right?

Instead we continued cruising in the car for about an hour with my mum's favorite old school music playing and everyone singing and having a good time.

We took her to her favorite restaurant- p.f chang's that faced the sea.  Again good time, too much food and leftovers, happy and loving ending.

Back home my baby sis had made a cake for my mother that was ridiculous but very very cute, it had candies and chocolates and pink frosting.  Very nice touches if i do say so myself.

Everyone gave her their gifts and i saved mine for last of course because i knew she'd want to use it; i got her a porcelain old-french-style cup and saucer with already made tea in it for her to enjoy.

A very laid back birthday is exactly what she needed this year❤

I love you mum ❤

Monday, May 13, 2013

My Berry Salad recipe ❤

Berries !! This screams anti-oxidant goodness to me.

Since i love to not only make this but eat it as well .. I thought i'd share how i do mine.

Its easy as 1 2 3...

Get 1 cup of all these ingredients:

- strawberries
- raspberries
- blueberries
- blackberries
And mangoe juice to let them swim and soak in. 

These are what i used for the picture but ofcourse you can add more things to it or remove... it is all by preference,
After all, if we were all meant to have the same taste then god would have made us all clones.

If you try it let me know how it was and i hope you enjoy it as much as my family does ❤❤

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mangoes... All Day E'rrday

Aaahh ... What can i say besides YUM YUM YUM. 

Basically, i have been eating 2 mangoes a day and still i feel that i want more! I cant get enough of these bad boys... Especially when they are sooo sweet and bright orangey yellow.

So i thought id share some of the benefits of eating mangoes:

1- boosts your immune system

2- clears the skin (definite plus for me)

3- eyesight health by preventing night blindness and dry eyes and promotes good eyesight

4- prevents cancer

5- helps to relieve indigestion

6- improves concentration and brain memory  

7- for you ladies.. High iron ! 

And last but not least ... GREAT FOR MAKING SMOOTHIES !!! *dies*

Think healthy everyone ❤

Mom's Birthday...

My mom's birthday is coming up soon (wednesday) and i seriously don't know what to do !  I have done everything that i could think of for her in the past years.  Ideas are very limited especially since where i live has practically nothing interesting to do but to eat, cinema and well... yeah that's basically it.

Thinking about taking her to a massage spa then a very pampering manicure and pedicure place that i love to go to.  Perhaps her favorite restaurant and a boat ride? (I hope the wether is nice on that day)

Suggestions anyone?

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Clean Body Clean Mind

So today I've been watching the doctors on TV and the episode was all about food that is good for you.  This was extremely convenient for me due to the fact that for the past week I've been trying to eat healthier i.e. Green smoothies and what not (which were kind of a fail, but that's another story).

Anyway I wasn't able to really focus on everything except for the fact that they mentioned 2 books that seemed very interesting and beneficial ...

Going to order them both now and check back with what I think once I get them.

Healthy clean body here I come !!
Hopefully that is...