Saturday, May 25, 2013


Do i even need to say anything ? besides thank you you delicious fruit for being on this planet.

The best summer treat for the pool or the beach .. 

Whether it be raw like my picture, juiced or even as an ice lolly , this fruit is the best for refreshing and healing the body !

Did you know that the watermelon is 92% water? 

 Shocker i know ..

But just because it is mainly made up of water, don't underestimate it... Its powerful

How? Here's how :

- reduce asthma attacks
- helps relieve the symptoms of arthritis
- cleanses your kidney and bladder
- reduces the risk of clogged arteries (high cholesterol people)
-  eliminates constipation
- eliminates bloating ! ( a tip for that time of the month ladies )
- reduces the risk of heart attacks, strokes and colon cancer

Not done yet...

- relieves itchy skin
- reduces prostate cancer

And my personal favourite...

- reduces skin blemishes !
( just rub a small piece of watermelon on your skin and leave the juice for 10 minutes before rinsing) 

Yes... All of these AMAZING things by a fruit that is 92% water ... How extraordinary is that?!

So even if you dont like it .. Try to juice it and mix it with other fruits and veggies. Your body deserves to be looked after 

Hope this was informative ❤

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