The Blogger..

Sara here, a petite, shy, vegetarian 20 year old.
I consider my blog as an exit every now and then from my real world. 

For years now I have been wanting to write a blog for myself, a place where i can write my thoughts and share things with strangers.  But the problem was that i was really afraid of what people would think - mainly people who are in my everyday life.

But i decided that i don't care who thinks what because this makes me happy and i am doing it for myself.  If you enjoy reading then thank you and i hope you continue to read and embark on this journey with me.

My blog is essentially about things I like, my opinions on products, books, anything really.  I write about my routines and i do hauls.

I think of my blog as "Miscellaneous".

I am doing this in hope that one day i can look back at old posts and just remember how i used to be and what i liked, and that people could benefit, relate and especially ENJOY the things i have to say.

I have been blogging for a year now and truly love it.


Everything i post are my own true thoughts. Pictures taken are again by me unless they are OF me then a friend has maybe helped take them or i used a tripod. If i have used something that is not mine then that will be stated in the post.