Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mangoes... All Day E'rrday

Aaahh ... What can i say besides YUM YUM YUM. 

Basically, i have been eating 2 mangoes a day and still i feel that i want more! I cant get enough of these bad boys... Especially when they are sooo sweet and bright orangey yellow.

So i thought id share some of the benefits of eating mangoes:

1- boosts your immune system

2- clears the skin (definite plus for me)

3- eyesight health by preventing night blindness and dry eyes and promotes good eyesight

4- prevents cancer

5- helps to relieve indigestion

6- improves concentration and brain memory  

7- for you ladies.. High iron ! 

And last but not least ... GREAT FOR MAKING SMOOTHIES !!! *dies*

Think healthy everyone ❤

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