Saturday, May 18, 2013

Mum's Birthday Update

So one of my friends who saw my blog asked me to write about what we actually ended up doing for my mum's birthday.  I was so excited by the request so i'm writing it now for everyone.

At 5pm we all left the house to go to a one hour boat ride, we took the sea side road to enjoy the view and to cruise alone the beach.  When we arrived the man was ridiculous ! A price for just an hour of sailing slowly across our tiny tiny bay area costs $87.55 per person and we were 8 people !

So my sister suggested another boat ride that was a couple of minutes away.  To our surprise she was right and a single ticket only costs $3.50, PERFECT.

As my dad was just about to pay, the teller gets a phone call from the coast guard saying no boats are allowed to leave the dock as there was a huge storm on its way.  The exact thing i was dreading  (bad weather).

Ofcourse i was disappointed but hey, everything happens for a reason right?

Instead we continued cruising in the car for about an hour with my mum's favorite old school music playing and everyone singing and having a good time.

We took her to her favorite restaurant- p.f chang's that faced the sea.  Again good time, too much food and leftovers, happy and loving ending.

Back home my baby sis had made a cake for my mother that was ridiculous but very very cute, it had candies and chocolates and pink frosting.  Very nice touches if i do say so myself.

Everyone gave her their gifts and i saved mine for last of course because i knew she'd want to use it; i got her a porcelain old-french-style cup and saucer with already made tea in it for her to enjoy.

A very laid back birthday is exactly what she needed this year❤

I love you mum ❤

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