Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Obsessed | Tyrrell's - Veg Crisps

Beware: extremely addictive !!
So recently I may have been a tad bit obsessed with the Tyrrell's Veg crisps. They are so darn good !! ❤️
No joke I eat at least 1 small packet a day. ahhh yum.❤️
(And yes I am munching on them while I am writing this post im not gonna lie :D)
The great thing about them that doesn't make me feel guilty when I eat so much of these is that these crisps are:
- Vegan friendly
- Has nothing artificial at all
- Gluten free
All three things are a 'check' off of my list of good stuff to eat.
The ingredients are literally :
- Parsnips
- carrots
-sunflower oil
-sea salt

I wasn't attracted to these crisps in any way since I don't eat parsnips nor beetroots...But astonishingly, I quite liked the flavours ! Maybe its because theyre crunchy and delicious as crisps so not all of the actual flavour of raw veggies are there. I dunno.  

To be quite honest...I prefer the smaller packets because the sea salt seasoning is a lot more intense than this large packet.
I most definitely recommend these British hand-cooked snacks.  They hit the spot.

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