Friday, March 28, 2014

Healthy Weekend Lunch

What better way to say hello to the weekend than with a great stop at the local Healthy food restaurant called GIA right after classes. We ordered A LOT of food which sadly i didn't take pictures of all of it because salivating hungry self just dived right in. 
This place is absolutely yummers, i love their simple menu and the food is pretty delicious if i do say so myself.  
It is a nice cleanse and change from the everyday food we eat, I'm going to try to be a lot more healthy from now on (key word TRY here - so any of my friends reading ... don't judge if i fall off the wagon every now and then hehe)

On the left, ratatouille pastry.

 Greek salad, fresh green apple juice , 2 kinds of quinoa salads

Aubergine with yogurt, pine nuts, pomegranate and i think spinach although i'm not quite sure

Something with chicken (not mine because i'm a vegetarian) so excuse me for not having the name of the dsh and freshly made lemonade.

Roasted vegetables quinoa salad.

Other things i didn't take pictures of : 
- Roasted potatoes with a hint of lemon, rosemary leaves and whole garlic cloves (my favorite thing on the menu). 

Not to mention, a great view to enjoy.

Hope you have a lovely, healthy weekend too !!

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