Friday, March 28, 2014

Nails & Tea

The best quick relaxation combo any girl should do?....
So I decided to go and get a manicure since my nails were in dire need of attention, but of course it can't be all that fun without a friend by your side so that you could be chatting away and forgetting the world for an hour.

Tea is a must to help the process of relaxation, but those marshmallows on the side... YUM.  My sister (who came with me) gobbled up both our meringues - apparently they were delicious.

Luckily for me, my manicurist had the softest touch and was very careful when doing my nails, i loved it.
I don't know about you but when i don'y feel comfortable during a session, i think that it is NEVER worth it, especially once you get hurt or it's not up to your standards, well then believe me, everything goes downhill from that point on.

Since it's spring now and everybody is having a hard time dealing with hay fever (esoecially yours truly) I found that this recipe helps keep evryhing in check.

The ingredients:
- A mug of your choice
- Lemon slices 
- Honey
- Twinnings - Revitalizing Lemon & Ginger Tea  

Add water into your mug and plce the tea bag inside, once that has settled for a while take out the tea bag nd place as many lemon slices as you'd like. I put in just one.

For some sweetness, add a couple table spoons of honey - or as much as your sweet tooth would like to have. 
Voila !! The prefect relaxing, soothing, delicious cup of tea.

Nearly forgot to mention my current nail colour obsession !! I have been wearing this colour for the past 3 or 4 months. Its perfect, not quite winter, not quite spring. It fits all the seasons.

The colour i have on is Essie's - Sand Tropez.

How are you handling your spring time?


  1. The only way this could get better is champagne and a mani/pedi!

    1. The pictures are of me getting a manicure....

  2. I see you had a great time! And nude is my fav nail color! It looks so stylish!)

    very nice blog by the way :)

    kisses from Russia,

    1. YES ! I definetely did !! And thank you so much that really means alot ❤️


  3. Mmm, I can't imagine life without tea with lemon and honey! <3 Especially in winter evenings, but... okay, all the seasons are good for big mug of tea! Kisses from Poland, your blog is lovely!

    1. Thank you love. Yeah i totally agree winter is perfect to get all snuggly and warm but i still love to have it all year round.


  4. What a lovely experience: tea and nails!