Sunday, April 6, 2014

A Few Things...

- First of all, I'd like to share with you one of my ALL TIME favorite things which happens to be a Dr. Seuss Quote :

Let that sink in...

Ok, so this quote is what I live by on a daily basis, it is actually the quote that made me finally actually write a blog because well, IT'S TRUE.  If you really think about it, the true people in your life will support you no matter what you do or who you become, they love you. Whilst others will just try to put you down and be negative, these people do not want your happiness. They don't matter.

Now, on this beautiful Sunday morning, I thought I'd pop into Carribou and snap a few pictures for you, as well as sharing some of the thoughts of this week.

- A snack that I am totally truly loving (which i got my friends also hooked on) is Carribou's Chocolate covered Pretzels. Okay so this is how I'm going to describe it :
The Chocolate surrounding the pretzel is a thin layer of dark chocolate, but the salt on the pretzel, once you crunch on it, it is the best combination you can ever taste. The dark chocolate does in no way overpower the biscuit, and yeah yeah I know what you're thinking, eew dark chocolate it's so bitter and blegh and nasty. But I honestly can say that you cannot taste any of that when you eat it. I for one am not a fan of chocolate whatsoever, but this, this hits the spot, with a side of tea... mmmhhm nothing better. Try it, I know u'll thank me.

- Can we just take a minute to admire how cute this "mug" is? As i write this, i keep eyeing it. I want it really badly, but my friend had a good point when telling me that this is an easy DIY kind of thing and not really worth the money.
Yeah so that is a cute thing.... 
Moving on !

- I've started to do this thing where I allow myself to just pause for 10 minutes, sit back and just do some deep breathing. This really calms me down and relieves some of my stress. I become more conscious of my lungs and i therefore am grateful for having them as healthy as they are. You should do the same, you won't regret it.

- This flower pencil. Look at it. It's perfect.
Not only do i love using it, I love putting it behind my ear which makes my hair look as though i'm on a tropical beach somewhere. Plus i love leaving the flower part sticking out of my bag as i walk around, it's the perfect spring accessory for any outfit.
I got it from Accessorize.

- Songs...who hates songs? Nobody that's who.
This week I have had 2 non-stop constant replay songs both by the same singer - John Legend. One is called - "Tonight (best you ever had)" and the other is "All of me".
They're pretty old songs, but i have recently discovered them thanks to my little sister. Now, I can't get enough! Tonight just puts me in the best mood, smiling and making me have a good day.
And can we just quickly talk about how GORGEOUS his wife is in "all of me"?? I mean WOW !! You are one lucky man john.

Well, That's all I have for today, 
I'm thinking about posting another post soon...a recipe maybe who knows.
Let me know what you think !

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