Sunday, December 22, 2013

How to: | Oh So Soft Hands

Ok, so almost all of us want one of those kind of hands where when someone just brushes or accidentally touches them we want their reaction to be " WOW, your hands are so soft !!"
Well, i have just discovered the very secret to getting those amazingly soft, smooth, delicious smelling hands.

My friend Jo and i recently went to have a look at the Laura Mercier makeup collection, and as we were looking, Jo kept raving about the body cream called Creme Broulee and how amazing it was and how delicious it smelt.  I was quite intrigued and so i asked the sales lady if i could smell all of their available body scents.  They were all divine but the one scent that Jo and myself fell in love with was the Ambre Vanilla collection.  Oh my goodness how spectacular that scent was. It didn't give me a headache like most scents do which is a huge plus for me.

Trying out the tester body cream souflee, i immediately knew that this collection just had to be mine.  The cream itself was so light, liquid almost.  A little went a long way, and it spread out so smoothly, so evenly, so lightly.  This is what the definition of what a cream is.  

But to my dismay, they were sold out of everything in that scent except for a small hand cream and body butter.  I was heart broken. I was (and still am) desperate to get my hands on the body cream souflee, shower gel, honey bath, and body scrub.  (You shall be mine i promise.) hehe.

I decided to get the hand cream.  Best decision of the day believe me.  

I applied some on my hands. 
Non-greasy perfection.  
My hands just soaked up the cream in no time.  After that, i could not stop touching my hands or smelling them !! My hands got so hydrated and looked so healthy if that is possible.  And the scent, no joke, lasted about 5 hours after the application if not more!! 
I felt like such a lady with my amazing hands. Just as they should be and just as i should always feel like.  It is these kinds of products that every lady should have and use daily.

I cant rave about this product enough. I HIGHLY,HIGHLY recommend that you purchase it.  

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