Sunday, December 8, 2013

Song Of The week | Jason Derula - Marry Me

Oh My Goodness you guys, this song.. I mean come on !! its sooo  beautiful and meaningful and catchy and aahhhh.
I freakin' LOVE this song. I can stop playing it everywhere I go, my car my phone my laptop even in my head its playing on full blast.
Repeat, Repeat, Automatic non-stop repeat.
I would just like to say - Thank you Jason Derulo for this amazing song and for giving us girls hope that a guy could feel this way and making guys everywhere angry for giving them even higher standards to reach hehe.  This song is so right in so many ways.  It teaches what must be done first to be able to get married and shows what love truly is.
Did I mention that I love this song? yes well... I love this song. A definite favorite of the next 2 weeks.

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