Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Lush Products | Lips

I don't know about you, but during the cold months my lips turn SUPER dry therefore I tend to pick at the dry areas....very attractive.

So I popped into Lush the other day and i asked the lovely lady what the best remedy is.  She recommended that I try one of the lip scrubs they had.  Of course with me having a sweet tooth I just had to go with the vanilla and chocolate sugar lip scrub.  Trying it out at the store the results were absolutely amazing!! They were soft and my lipstick easily went on. 
Its basically sugar (yum) with a hint of vanilla and chocolate (double yum), which made it hard for me not to keep licking my lips.  You just take a little amount (or else it will just fall off your lips) and scrub your lips with your finger.  leave for a minute then lick your lips since they are all natural ingredients - in fact that's what the lady told me to do.  For extra soft lips, repeat and leave it on a little longer.

And ofourse how can anyone go into lush and just buy 1 item?
So I found this beautiful ruby lip balm called A Million Kisses. I applied it on after the lip scrub and let just tell you....hello perfect combination, especially for winter.  It is a bit hard to remove off of your finger though.  Plus you can increase the darkness of the colour buy just applying more layers.

I highly recommend that you check them out whenever you next visit Lush.  They always have something for everyone.


  1. Do you recommend the lip scrubs from lush or have you found any other brands that work just as well/ you prefer? :)

    1. YES i totally do ! Especially this one. I've tried different ones before and I used to DIY them myself at home using different recipes. But this one takes the cake. A definite must have in every girls collection.
      p.s. Thank you for following me on Bloglovin it means a lot to me Caitlin <3


  2. I love the lip scrub that you can eat or lick off your lips. It looks so yummy. I must try this product, Thank you.