Friday, July 12, 2013

Naked Flushed | My Review

I've recently purchased the Naked Flushed compact and my thoughts on this product are ...
It's amazing!
The bronzer is the perfect colour for my skin tone, its not really dark and not "dirty" looking on my skin. It gives me the exact colour i want to contour and bronze up my face. Yes, it is matte which in my opinion is the only way a bronzer should be because personally i dont like shimmery bronzers.  Also, it is quite buildable and you can make it as harsh or soft as you like.
The blush is quite dark and it has a little bit of shimmer which is okay i guess. You have to be really careful when applying as it does go on as dark as the swatch that is on my arm (above).
The highlighter is super pigmented and has a lot of shimmer but it is very subtle on the face and makes the light bounce off your skin in the perfect way. I use just a little bit of it on my cheek bones using my finger.
Overall this product is the best product that has all 3 in 1 products that a girl practically needs and the tiny size is just right for placing in your purse/bag and even for when you go travelling. Completly light weight and so far my favorite product this month!
I will soon attach a picture of what they look like individually on my face and what all 3 look like as well on my face. ❤

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