Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Inspiration | Favorite Quote

Be The Change You Want to See in The World
- Gandhi

This is absolutely my favorite quote and i wish the whole world would just get inspired by it and actually do something ! There are a lot of things in this world that need to be changed and they CAN be changed but the problem is that not enough people contribute.
I myself don't do as much as i know i can do and i am pretty sure a lot of people are the same.
Things that i will try to do as often as i can to not only better myself but my family as well and to inspire all those around me:

- Recycling - Global warming is still an issue people!! and we are suffering from it ( yes you ) and all of you know it. And when you do it, your children will learn and it will soon become a habit. That is exactly what we want and need.

- Helping the less fortunate - whether it be by giving workers who are working in the scorching hot outside cold water bottles or even 1/4 or half of a kd !! (88 cents or 1 dollar). You will never know how happy you make them and how much you have helped them. Don't YOU want to make someone's day? i know i'd love it if someone made mine...
Smile at workers, they are not beneath you, we are all sons and daughters of adam, without them YOUR life would not be as clean and productive as it is.
Any leftover food that you KNOW will just sit in your fridge till it becomes rotten and then thrown out , put it into plastic disposable plates and give them to the hungry and homeless ( in our case here in kuwait The Mosques )

-Something bothering you? SPEAK UP ! SAY IT ! you have a voice for a reason, you have the right to what you want in your life ! what is the point of living a life that you don't necessarily want or would like to have some aspects changed? politics? you have the right to vote , your vote is your voice. For years i have suffered with this and it is time that i change and i want people who are the same as me to change as well ! and i just starts with one person ... be that person , just 1 rock needs to be thown in water to have many many ripples - if you get what i'm trying to say.

There are an infinite amount of things that need to be changed and each and every one of you has an opinion and a perspective. Show it, don't wait for someone to do it for you and don't complain along the way until after many many years that 1 person finally does it.

You never know, you can be one of the big ones, A Hall Of Fame person.

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