Saturday, August 24, 2013

Book Review | "The Time Keeper"

So I recently purchased this book, the time keeper.
I must say, another AMAZING read !! I couldn't put the book down !!
Its fairly simple and very short because the writer would place just a couple of small paragraphs on one page (talk about wasting trees).
I finished this book in 3 hours in 1 sitting, enjoying every word, every event, every connection ! (hint hint about the contents of the book;) )

Not only is the story itself truly an enjoyment but the meaning it withholds...
It really got me thinking about how right it is that time really does control our life and that without time we would all be happier, not having a burden hanging over your shoulder or thinking about it constantly - probably more than anything in our lives.
So after reading this book (and since its still summer break anyway) i have taken off my watch and promised myself that i won't look at the time and just enjoy the day as it is.
I sleep whenever my body wants and i wake up with the sunlight hitting my eyes, my days have become longer and more fulfilling, i do so much stuff now wheather it be cooking or reading or watching youtube or even just relaxing.
I strongly suggest this book to EVERYONE people of all ages for them to really appreciate their lives and their time and the love they have.
Definetly a book that i will read every 2-3 weeks just to remind myself of the good things in life and the love I'm surrounded by and how much MY LIFE ,even though it may not seem that way, affects those around me.
I do hope you read it and tell me what you thought of it❤
I give it a 10/10.

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