Saturday, August 24, 2013

Pre-Breakfast Routine ❤

Good Morning ! :D
I have a habit of having a routine that has to be done before I actually do anything or even think about breakfast or work... weird I know...
As you can see I just go on downstairs to the kitchen with my laptop, Sit on my high-stool and make myself a cup of hot coffee. I will usually check my emails, blog, blogs i follow and ofcourse my YouTube subscriptions❤.
And who could start their day without ofcourse checking twitter and Instagram - and bloglovin' for me. ❤

I'm not much of a coffee drinker nor do i like coffee but sometimes i get a craving for something warm and sweet and yummy.  Therefore I drink the Nescafe My cup - 3 in 1.
Its basically coffee with cream and sugar but since i don't like the coffee taste so much I usually add 2 spoonful's of sugar.
I don't like to drink it a lot because I am very oral about white teeth and maintaining them, but this is too delicious to NOT have any. :D

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