Saturday, August 31, 2013

Trip to the ruins

Even though we are in danger on our vacation... we still manage to go to interesting places.
And since i just got my new camera, i though i'd try to take some interesting pictures and try out the camera.
We went to see some
famous ruins and their touristy shops. It was quite the experience really. Although the products they sell were hand made and absolutely beautiful, they are extremely overpriced - but nothing like some good bargaining skills won't fix.

I am in no way a photographer and i have never used one of these cameras before so please bear with me, i tried to be as creative as i could but like i said, i'm no photographer and i have absolutely no idea what i was doing.

This place i believe is called "Byblos", there was an old castle there as well but unfortunately i didn't get the chance to go in. The roads were stunning and the shops too cute to bare. 

So enjoy these gorgeous place with me ❤

I put these pictures to share with everyone so please , if you do take them just refer them back to me or my blog ❤ 
I share because i care and i know all of you do too.


  1. Why were you in danger? I am curious and would like to know. If it is too personal a question, I apologize. I only ask since it was on your blog. I am glad you are safe. I enjoy your blog immensely.

    1. No its not too personal mimi, it's because Lebanon is an unstable country with bombs and sadness, and so by leaving our home and walking around, we put our lives on the line. Because you never know what might happen.
      And since you enjoy reading you could follow me here to get updates on when i post next or on any of the social medias. <3 I'd love to get your thoughts on what i post up next.
      You're very sweet thanks.

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