Monday, August 26, 2013

Food Making | Bruschetta

Bruschetta is actually more difficult to make than i'd thought it would be..
This is now my 3rd time trying to make it because it is my ABSOLUTE favorite thing to eat.  If a restaurant has it on the menu then you can guarantee that i will order it. Yummers !! ❤
Both times of me trying to make this and they have failed, never having the juices dripping when you eat them nor the kick you get from the tomatoes (is there a secret sauce or something? I dunno)
I'm using a book this time to make it so fingers crossed !
But so far its looking pretty good...
I'll update this blog tonight with how the final taste was like.
p.s. sorry for the bad picture but it was taken from my phone.
Update: yeaaah..... wasn't THAT good/great. Edible yes but not the taste i was looking for. But it did look amazing though it the end so yaay at least that was nice.

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