Monday, August 26, 2013

Tv Shows | Current Obsessions

Ok here's the deal... i have been totally obsessing over 4 Tv shows.
For a really long time i kept hearing people talk so much about friends and how this show runs their lives and them quoting lines and remembering scenes.  Frankly i didn't like that and felt it was unnecessary. But i decided to give it a chance...
OH MY GOODNESS how funny and heart warming and relatable is this show ?!
I mean seriously !!
i finished 5 seasons in a week !! Its THAT good. Now i understand why people are obsessed with this show.
Definitely going to finish all the seasons and re-watch the episodes. One of my all time favorites.❤

 Another addicting show. I really like Sherlock Holmes and i have watched the movies but this.. its a whole different feel to Sherlock. Number 1, Watson is a woman and you can feel a connection between them.
Its quite serious compared to the other shows i'm watching but i love it.
Really loving this show, a real guilty pleasure of mine.
I can't even begin to describe this show.
Hilarious + awkward = THE BEST COMBINATION EVER.
i usually watch an episode then i will re-watch it again on the same day because i will be thinking about it and rewinding the episode in my head and laughing like an idiot to myself. I think its even funnier the second time because you realize things that you didn't the first time you watched it.
Thank you Zoe Deschanel for this mood lifting show and i can't get over your cuteness.
I HIGHLY recommend that you watch it.
Last but definitely not least, Mr Will Smith.
I don't think that there is any person on this planet who doesn't love/enjoy this show.
A dash back to the 90's with comedy like no other.
Another 'pick me up' show that i can relate to and finished 3 seasons so far.
What are your favorite shows ?
I'd love to add some new ones to my watch list...any recommendations?

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